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Life is filled with surprises, and not all of those surprises are positive. When the unexpected occurs, Dr. Brett R. Warn and the team at Premier Dental Arts stand ready to help you through the full range of dental emergencies. If you’re in the Lawton, Oklahoma area and experience a traumatic injury that affects your teeth, the most important step is to seek emergency medical care. Once your condition is stable, reach out to Premier Dental Arts to schedule an emergency care appointment.

Emergency Dentistry

What should I do if I have a broken tooth?

It doesn’t take a traumatic event to break one of your teeth, although it is an experience that no one enjoys. Broken teeth can result from a sporting injury, a fall, or even unexpectedly biting down on a hard food item. If you break a tooth, it is important to take immediate action.

Begin by rinsing your mouth with warm water, then apply gentle pressure with a clean piece of gauze to stop any bleeding. A cold pack can help reduce pain or swelling, and over-the-counter pain relievers also can help make a broken tooth tolerable until you can get in to see Dr. Warn.

What is an abscessed tooth?

The innermost portion of your teeth contains soft tissue known as pulp. When that pulp becomes inflamed or dies, the tissue around the root can become infected.

That infection is accompanied by pus, which is a collection of bacteria, dead white blood cells, and tissue debris. This condition is a tooth abscess. It’s a serious matter that should be addressed immediately.

Signs of an abscessed tooth include:

  • A darkened tooth
  • Pain when the tooth is under pressure
  • Swelling of the gums, face, or jaw line

What are common treatments for dental emergencies?

No two people share the exact same set of experiences when it comes to a dental emergency, which is why Dr. Warn approaches each case differently.

When you come to Premier Dental Arts in search of emergency dental care, he first determines the exact nature and extent of the injury. Next, Dr. Warn discusses your treatment options and helps you decide how to proceed.

In the case of a severely broken or damaged tooth, tooth extraction may be the best course of action. Tooth extractions require a minor surgical procedure and the use of a local anesthetic to prevent pain. Once the procedure is complete, medication and instructions are provided on follow-up care.

If you have severe or persistent tooth pain, your tooth’s pulp may be inflamed or infected. In that case, Dr. Warn may recommend a root canal. This process involves replacing the pulp with a rubber-like filling, and it allows you to keep your natural tooth while eliminating the pain.